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E- Mail Marketing – Prices;

  • E-shot/mail shot Tsh. 70,000 VAT Exclusive for the whole promotional period of January to June.2015


Packages for Mails shot (Volume based discount)

  • 3 Mailshot = Tsh. 60,000@=Tsh.180,000/=
  • Multiple Mailshot to meet your requirements over any 12 Months period
  • 5 Mailshot = Tsh. 250,000.
  • 10 Mailshot =Tsh. 450,000
  • 20 Mailshot = Tsh. 800,000


Digital Bench Services Subscribers (129,000+ Premium Subscribers)

The content and the adverts also will be shared on social media e.g. Face book groups and pages, LinkedIn, Google plus etc. to give you maximum exposure also you will get a featured listing on our sister web portal for one month free at


Request a Proposal

Often times, the most effective solution utilizes the strategic combination of, newsletter shout outs and Mailshot and sms. Tell us about your marketing objectives, who you want to reach and what you want to achieve, and we will put together a proposal with different options designed specifically to meet your unique objectives.


Digital Bench Services provides the following services;

  • Sms Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization-SEO, Graphic Designing & Website Designing and many more.

* Maximize your ROI by reaching the right people!